Chris Van Ginneken

Chris Van Ginneken Professor University of Antwerp

From the start of her career as a researcher, the focus lies on pre-and postnatal development in the pig, to unravel the complexity of the consequence of pre-and dysmaturity and, within a one health approach, provide insight into both human medicinal and veterinary disorders related to intrauterine growth retardation. Until now, research activities on this topic were facilitated via 15 research projects. Next to field studies in vitro assays were established to study enterocyte physiology. She is the (co-) author of 146 scientific papers.

Besides her research activities, she is vice-dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical, and Veterinary Sciences, a member of the board of directors of the University of Antwerp, and the chair of the Education & Training Board FELASA. The remainder of her time is devoted to teaching: veterinary (neuro)anatomy, veterinary skills, and general surgery in the bachelor of veterinary medicine and laboratory animal sciences courses (FELASA accredited).

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