Sven Arnouts

Sven Arnouts Business Development Manager Provaxs University of Ghent

It has always been my passion to turn results from basic research into new applications in the sector of animal health and production. During my studies and PhD in bio-engineering I learned to develop innovative solutions to improve efficiency and sustainability of animal production. In my position in industry I contributed to the launch of a new program to support animal health and immunity via nutrition. The link with animal health became stronger when I joined Ghent University to start provaxs, the business development cluster for animal health.

In this position I coordinate tech transfer to and collaboration with the animal health industry: scouting within the research groups in provaxs for data/results that can be the basis of innovations, generating and delivering proof of concept (mostly up to TRL 5-6), patenting, valuation and negotiation with industrial partners. Whenever possible I make the translation to human health or stimulate One Health-collaborations. This is illustrated by my role as Chairman of Flanders Vaccine.

I also have hands-on experience with the preparatory track and the foundation of spin-offs/start-ups.

Function: Business Development Manager provaxs 

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