Introduction & Objectives

There is a clear need in the animal health sector in Europe to bring early developers (academia, research organisations, spin-offs/start-ups) and medium- to big size companies together to facilitate interaction and collaboration between them and thus stimulate innovation.

To fill this gap we will organize a conference differentiating from B2B conferences and focussing on innovation in animal health through collaboration in the phase of pre-development/discovery/proof-of concept: Discovery to Innovation in Animal Health (DIAH).
The DIAH-conference will be characterised by:

  • A limited number of participants (eg max 300 delegates) and more, and more informal, interactions between them
  • A focus on co-development and R&D-collaborations between industry and academia/research organisations
    • How to find the right (academic) experts
    • Funding: transition from public to public-private funding
    • Address regulatory science research needs to facilitate the availability of alternative products to antibiotics, novel vaccines to deal with emerging threats and other novel technologies in a more efficient manner and increase the overall availability of veterinary products
    • Multidisciplinary and cross-species (human and animal) approach to innovation
    • Valuation and market potential of new technologies: how to come to a fair and realistic deal
    • Showcase upcoming technologies, emerging start-ups (in (pre-)incubation phase and the scientific basis of their technolog

Goals and objectives:


  • Enable networking among different actors in the field, including researchers, academia, funders, and industry
  • Improve access of industry to front-edge technologies and expertise in academia
  • Familiarize researchers with the innovation pipeline process, stages of product development, IP and the regulatory frameworks
  • Learn young and entrepreneurial researchers to pitch their technology to industry
  • Align valuation of breakthrough technologies by universities and industry and manage expectations at both sides
  • Pinpoint differences in culture and objectives between academia and industry, find solutions to overcome them and present best practices of working together
  • Facilitate researchers scaling up new discoveries/proof of concepts/prototypes to marketable innovations
  • Show the value of the animal health sector to innovators, funders and industries that are less familiar with the sector but have interesting technologies
  • Demonstrate the value of interesting ecosystems for innovation in animal health and stimulate collaboration between them
  • Stimulate (international) public private partnerships for innovation in animal health
  • Get to know each other better, both when doing business and having fun