Discovery to Innovation in Animal Health.

The DIAH Conference brings together early developers and companies to stimulate innovation!

There is a clear need in the animal health sector in Europe to bring early developers (academia, research organisations, spin-offs/start-ups) and medium- to big sized companies together to facilitate interaction and collaboration between them and thus stimulate innovation.

To fill this gap this conference differentiates from B2B conferences and focuses on innovation in animal health through collaboration in the phase of pre-development / discovery / proof-of-concept: Discovery to Innovation in Animal Health (DIAH).

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The DIAH-conference will be characterised by:

  • A limited number of participants (eg. max. 200 delegates) and more, informal, interactions between them
  • A focus on co-development and R&D-collaborations between industry and academia/research organisations

One to One sessions

Well before the start of the conference, you will be able to book one-to-one meetings with researchers, academia, funders, and industry. These meetings are a very efficient way to network, learn about each other’s activities and identify new opportunities for collaboration.

Goals and objectives:

  • Enable networking among different actors in the field, including researchers, academia, funders, and industry
  • Improve access of industry to front-edge technologies and expertise in academia
  • Familiarize researchers with the innovation pipeline process, stages of product development, IP and the regulatory frameworks
  • Learn young and entrepreneurial researchers to pitch their technology to industry

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Special thanks to our sponsors!

This event is made possible thanks to these organisations & companies who gave their support to our conference. Big thanks to all of them!

Boehringer Ingelheim
Flanders Investment and Trade
MSD Animal Health
Paws Pharmaceuticals
Animal Health Europe
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