Paul Dick

Paul Dick Founder and President Paul Dick and Associates

Paul Dick, DVM, MSc has 30 years of experience in the animal health industry with product development, regulatory affairs, business development, report writing, commercialization and project management. Roles in this sector have involved both large and medium multi-nationals, and, small start-up companies in various capacities including COO and CEO level positions. Dr. Dick worked for Elanco Animal Health for 20 years in a variety of management roles including Manager of R&D, Manager of Regulatory Affairs, and, Manager of Quality Control and Corporate Affairs. He eventually became the Chief Operating Officer of Naturagen: a global Elanco Apollo team that was charged with the acquisition, development and commercialization of natural health products for food animals. Dr. Dick successfully led this virtual team and managed a large number of projects simultaneously.

Dr. Dick has worked extensively with Health Canada’s Veterinary Drugs Directorate (VDD) and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) on numerous regulatory submissions and on departmental committees, including Health Canada’s Animal Antimicrobial Resistance Advisory Committee from 1999 to 2002. He has served a number of organizations including as Director of the Canadian Animal Health Institute, President of the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, and peer reviewer of NSERC strategic grants.

Dr. Dick has extensive experience in the design, implementation, and management of strategic technical marketing programs for companion and food animals. Throughout his career, he has co-authored numerous peer-reviewed publications, literature reviews and scientific reports for regulatory agencies, veterinary organizations, and, small and large animal health companies.

He also served on the Expert Advisory Committee for Veterinary Natural Health Products, which provided the Health Products and Food Branch of Health Canada with recommendations regarding policies related to the development of a suitable regulatory approach for veterinary natural health products. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Veterinary Drugs Directorate’s Low Risk Veterinary Health Products Interim Notification Program (now the Veterinary Health Products Notification Program).

From a specific regulatory submission perspective‎, Dr. Dick has submitted and negotiated the approval of a significant number of animal health product approvals including that for Ractopamine premix for use in pigs and beef cattle, Rumensin premix for lactating dairy cows, Rumensin Controlled Release Capsule for beef cattle and dairy cattle, Tylan premix for the treatment and prevention of ileitis in pigs, Monteban for the prevention of necrotic enteritis, Micotil for the treatment of bovine respiratory disease, Spinosad for the prevention of ticks in dogs, and, fluoxetine for the treatment and prevention of separation anxiety in dogs. Active submissions currently in play with Canadian regulators include a drug for the treatment of pain in horses, a drug for the prevention and treatment of clinical conditions in old dogs, a series of swine vaccines, and, a multi-complement natural health product.

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