New technologies for better vaccines and biologicals

Topics on the Agenda:

  • The landscape of emerging technologies and how these can impact
    veterinary vaccines (prophylactic and curative, infectious and non-infectious diseases (e.g. diabetes, allergy, cancer) and biologicals
    • Adaptable vaccines (emerging strains and variants) and individualized
    • mRNA/DNA-technology
    • Protein/antigen expression, plug & play
    • Delivery of the biological (vectors, nanoparticles, targeting …)
    • Developments that need to occur or are under development to make
      the technologies viable in an animal health market (i.e. avoid cold chain for mRNA; acceptable cost of goods)
    • Links between new scientific developments and market potential/
      needs: where can the technologies bring the solution to unmet needs
      (e.g. ASF-vaccine, gene therapy, …)?

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